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Face the Day: Dane Rudhyar, Seed-Man


A brief look at the life and philosophy of Dane Rudhyar and his concept of the Seed Man. Inspired from an early age by the idea that all life is cyclical, Rudhyar, who was born in France in 1895 as Daniel Chennevière, moved to the United States in the early 1920s, leaving behind his old presumptions and even his name, and progressed on a path that saw him become a composer, painter, philosopher, and renowned astrologer. One of the fundamental themes woven into all aspects of his work was that of the seed. Rudhyar believed that although Western Civilization was nearing the end of its cycle, this was not just a time of decay and death but also one where the seeds of knowledge and rebirth were being planted by certain enlightened individuals. To become such a seed person, was according to Rudhyar, one of life’s highest callings and one to which he dedicated his life. In this program of musical interludes, biographical details, and personal interviews, Rudhyar’s concept of Seed Men and Women is fully explored.

Date 0000-00-00
Run time 23 min


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